​Raising a Reader

In grades Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4, students and families will enjoy the gift of the “Raising a Reader” program. Raising a Reader is a revolving book library, where students receive a book bag filled with 3-4 books of their choosing to read for one week. Books are then returned and new books are supplied. The purpose of “Raising a Reader” is to ensure all students are engaged in nightly read-alouds with adults. Reading involves 17 brain regions that integrate hearing, vision, judgment, and memory. So reading to children is an easy way to help their brains grow! 

To learn more about the wonderful reading initiatives going on at Snow Hill Elementary school, please contact Jen Spivey, Reading Resource Teacher at jhspivey@worcesterk12.org

"One School, One Book"

Please join us as we read our 2020 "One School, One Book!" This year we will be reading E.B. White's classic, Charlotte's Web. Click the links below to glance at our reading calendar, and to listen to the chapters read by SHES teachers. Don't forget to log your at-home reading steps. Thank you Title 1 for funding this bookclub!

“Reading Lets You Fly”

Did you know that when you read you are not only reading the words on the page? As you read, your brain is busy working to combine everything you know about what you are reading, so that you can make sense of a text. As you read your brain is filled with memories, thoughts, and images!

This year we will be collecting what we think about when we read on our “Reading Let’s You Fly” reading response forms. Forms are located on top of our “Free Books” bookshelf, near the front office. Students who turn in completed responses will share their work on the morning announcements, and will be asked to post their work on our hot-air balloon bulletin board.

  • Chapter I Before Breakfast6:21
  • Chapter 2 Wilbur4:44
  • Chapter 3 The Escape12:41
  • Chapter 4 Loneliness7:41
  • Chapter 5 Charlotte10:11
  • Chapter 6 Summer Days7:48
  • Chapter 7 Bad News5:03

  • Ch. 8 A Talk at Home4:06

Listen to the previous chapters

from Charlotte's Web.

Listen to Mrs. Matlock read

Chapter 8 of Charlotte's Web 

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