“Reading Sticks With Us”
 Did you know that every time you read, whether fact or fiction, something is bound to stick with you? This year we will be collecting what we’ve learned from the books we read on our “Reading Sticks With Us” reading response forms. Forms are located on top of our “Free Books” bookshelf, near the front office. Students who turn in completed responses will share their work on the morning announcements, and will be asked to post their work on our cactus-themed bulletin board

"One School, One Book"

Reading is a family affair with “One School, One Book!” This year’s OSOB will kick off in February 2019. Which book will we read? Thank you, Title 1 for funding this special event!

Step Calendar
“Count Steps, Not Books”

To create a school culture that celebrates and nurtures a love of reading, ALL students at SHES will record time spent with “eyes on print” on a reading log. The reading log comes from the American Reading Company’s “100 Book Challenge,” & for every 15 minutes spent reading a reader can log a step. The expectation is that every student, every day, records two steps at school, and two steps at home. This means every student will be reading at least an hour a day! Any kind of text counts: comic books, newspapers, magazines or books.

“Read, Read, Read, and LOVE IT!!!”
The wonderful “100 Book Challenge” from the American Reading Company has arrived to Snow Hill! The leveled-literacy program is all about nurturing a love of books from the very beginning. Every morning, readers in grades K-2, shop for books to read during their Reader’s Workshop block. During Reader’s Workshop students read independently, with a partner, or with a teacher. Students will bring blue book bags home each evening, including weekends, to be returned the following school day. Inside the blue book bags will be a collection of 5-8 books, and a Reading Log. Students earn a “step” for every 15 minutes of eyes on print. Every 100 step mark is celebrated with a new folder, a shiny medal, and special recognition from Dr. Cooper on the morning announcements

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