Raising a Reader

In grades Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4, students and families will enjoy the gift of the “Raising a Reader” program. Raising a Reader is a revolving book library, where students receive a book bag filled with 3-4 books of their choosing to read for one week. Books are then returned and new books are supplied. The purpose of “Raising a Reader” is to ensure all students are engaged in nightly read-alouds with adults. Reading involves 17 brain regions that integrate hearing, vision, judgment, and memory. So reading to children is an easy way to help their brains grow! (Click on the image below for more information about the Raising a Reader Program!)

To learn more about the wonderful reading initiatives going on at Snow Hill Elementary school, please contact Jen Spivey, Reading Resource Teacher at jhspivey@worcesterk12.org

For information regarding the 100 Book Challenge or Writer’s Workshop please see the Parent Portal Tab.

  • Chapter 1: In The Drain 25:27
  • Chapter 2: Home Problems3:57
  • Chapter 3: Washing Up4:07
  • Chapter 4: Exercise3:39
  • Chapter 5: Rescued5:26
  • Chapter 6: A Fair Breeze Part 12:47
  • Chapter 6: A Fair Breeze Part 25:14
  • Chapter 7: The Sailboat Race Part 14:15
  • Chapter 7: The Sailboat Race Part 24:05
  • Chapter 8: Margalo Part 13:23
  • Chapter 8: Margalo Part 26:05
  • Chapter 9: A Narrow Escape9:09
  • Chapter 10: Springtime5:04
  • Chapter 11: The Automobile10:34
  • Chapter 12: The Schoolroom Part 17:09
  • Chapter 12: The Schoolroom Part 29:38
  • Chapter 13: Ames' Crossing pgs. 100-1056:00
  • Chapter 13: Ames' Crossing pgs 106-1125:33
  • Chapter 14: An Evening on the River9:36

  • Chapter 15: Heading North5:58

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Snow Hill, Maryland 21863


“Reading Sticks With Us”
 Did you know that every time you read, whether fact or fiction, something is bound to stick with you? This year we will be collecting what we’ve learned from the books we read on our “Reading Sticks With Us” reading response forms. Forms are located on top of our “Free Books” bookshelf, near the front office. Students who turn in completed responses will share their work on the morning announcements, and will be asked to post their work on our cactus-themed bulletin board

Listen to all previous chapters of Stuart Little. (Click arrows to move to chapters you missed!)

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Listen to Ms.  Spivey read the conclusion (Ch. 15) of Stuart Little.

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"One School, One Book"

Please join us as we read our first-ever "One School, One Book" during the summer months! We will be reading the E.B. White classic,Stuart Little. A special thanks to the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore for funding this book club! Click the links below for more information!