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Snow Hill Elementary School


Watch a math strategy in action as Isaac walks through using a number-line to solve a math problem: 

SHES is proud to be a Professional Development School, and we deeply value our partnership with Salisbury University. Mrs. Stutzel’s second graders are learning about adding double numbers in Core Math with SU intern Zoe Siers!

Second graders are using Origo 2.0  in Mrs. Singer’s/Miss. Raymond’s Class!

SHES students are working hard to become mathematicians! Watch third graders, Isaac and Taylor talk about the math skill they are learning about in Mrs. Winterson’s class:  

Watch our Instructional Math Coach, Mrs. Connie West, define some of the research-based programs being used in your child’s classrooms!   

https://www.khanacademy.org - Kahn Academy is a free site that offers online tools and YouTube videos to walk students through mathematical concepts they are learning in class. This is a great resource for helping students practice new skills at home and for helping with homework.  

Origo, Menu Math, Number Talks, Oh My!