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Snow Hill Elementary School


​​Snow Hill Elementary Students are READING!!  

400, 500, 600, 700, 800 steps and counting! 

 Help your young readers with pronunciation and becoming more fluent by using these strategies!

How can I support the program at home?  
Be a Home Coach by: 
        *Establishing habits and routines to ensure that reading happens every night 
        *Eliminate distractions during reading time 
        *Sign reading log and talk about reading 
        *Listen to your child(ren) read 
        *Compliment good reading habits (notice publication, self-correcting. Etc.)  
        *Use the skills card for reference  

Grade 3 Students are Super Geniuses!! 
Each term, third grade students journey through the writing process by choosing a topic of personal interest, then researching, composing, publishing, and presenting. Additionally,  each student will create a digital learning portfolio using Seesaw to capture his or her process. Students will create projects each quarter and will present their learning to an audience of peers. To begin the year students learned about either an animal or habitat.  

​100 Book Challenge 
 Take a look at how we are becoming stronger readers at Snow Hill Elementary School! 
This year’s first graders participated in the 100 Book Challenge last year, and the program has now been extended to include all of our K-2 students. 100 Book Challenge is an award-winning reading program that nurtures independent and life-long readers! The program, designed by “The American Reading Company” incorporates in-class Reader’s Workshop with high-interest leveled texts, student choice, reading logs, skill cards, individual teacher conferences, incentives and more! Students are also expected to earn "two steps" each night by reading at home for thirty minutes. Parents and family members serve as invaluable partners as Home Coaches. The program aims to increase reading instruction so that your students are successful in their classrooms, on standardized tests, and in their futures. Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or Lisa Billings for more information at lrbillings@worcesterk12.org 

Be sure to ask your children about their Power Words!

Mrs. Sprankle’s super genuises are all smiles!

Compound Words

100 Book starts off each day with a Morning Message! Watch how Mrs. Tellish's first graders are learning to be super readers!


Watch American Reading Company Consultant Kelly Ryan help Mrs. Outten’s first grade students to use Word Attack Strategies

Check out some of our super readers!

Rhyming Words

Questions about Genius Hour at SHES? Contact Miss Spivey @ jhspivey@worcesterk12.org

Check out some more of Mrs. Winterson’s super geniuses! 

Cheetas are fascinating! Just ask Kashvi!


Learn all about dolphins by watching some of Issac’s presentation!